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Tut-Bogucki Studio Sculpture

Tutankhamen; Pharaoh of Egypt

Widely considered to be Bogucki’s greatest work, Tutankhamen; Pharaoh of Egypt, is a tour de force of drama and historic accuracy.

Tripod-Bogucki Studio Sculpture


Sooner or later, even the hardest to reach places start to itch. This filly discovers that, with some careful balancing, anything is possible.

Spring Itch-Bogucki Studio Sculpture

Spring Itch

Every spring, Thoroughbred foals are turned out to pasture where they can interact with each other and learn crucial social skills, as their watchful dams graze nearby.

Secretariat - Left-Bogucki Studio Sculpture


An exquisite portrayal of the red horse that won the hearts of millions of fans. Secretariat is shown immediately after his Derby victory, bound for the winner’s circle and coveted blanket of roses.

Northern Dancer No Rider-Bogucki Studio Sculpture

Northern Dancer

Portrait of the influential Thoroughbred stallion, Northern Dancer as a three-year-old.

Man O War-Bogucki Studio Sculpture

Man O’ War

The legendary racehorse depicted as a three-year-old, at the peak of his career. A young Clarence Kummer sits confidently in the saddle, his gaze following that of his mount down the length of the track.

Macho-Bogucki Studio Sculpture


After reading the 1952, J. Frank Dobie book titled, The Mustangs, Bogucki was inspired to create this tension-filled scene. The book spoke of the toughness and incredible natural “cow sense” of the American Mustang horses.

Legacy-Bogucki Studio Sculpture


An exquisitely refined stallion in a floating trot. His ethereal presence like something from a dream.

La Vue Rider-Bogucki Studio Sculpture

La Vue: French Stag Hunt

1/3 scale depiction of a French stag hunt in two parts. Deep in the forests of France, a lone rider suddenly finds himself face to face with the European red stag the hunt has been tracking all day.

Back Scratcher-Bogucki Studio Sculpture


Two foals enjoying a carefree day in a warm summer pasture. “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” Created for the Artists of America invitational show in Denver, CO.