• Legacy-Bogucki Studio Sculpture
  • Secretariat - Left-Bogucki Studio Sculpture
  • Macho-Bogucki Studio Sculpture
  • Against All Odds- Bogucki Studio Sculpture
  • Back Scratcher-Bogucki Studio Sculpture
  • Man O War-Bogucki Studio Sculpture
  • La Vue Rider-Bogucki Studio Sculpture
  • La Vue Stag-Bogucki Studio Sculpture

Bogucki Studio

Fine Art Bronze Sculptures

Artist Edwin Bogucki in his studio

A soft-spoken but passionate man, Edwin Bogucki was gifted with an innate curiosity about the world around him and an unparalleled artistic talent.  These qualities became the cornerstone of a career that spanned more than 55 years. His body of work reflects a life-long pursuit of realism seen through the eyes of an artist obsessed with capturing the vibrancy of life.

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Edwin Bogucki Book

A limited edition book depicting the life and work of Edwin Bogucki. Over 400 full-color pages filled with magnificent art and the incredible story of the man who created it.

The launch date will be announced in 2024.

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The Life and Work of Edwin Bogucki Book Cover

Bronze Sculptures