Tutankhamen; Pharaoh of Egypt

Widely considered to be Bogucki’s greatest work, Tutankhamen; Pharaoh of Egypt, is a tour de force of drama and historic accuracy. Created with the cooperation of individuals and museums in Cairo, Chicago, and England, this piece is the culmination of the artist’s intense 7-month obsession with the subject matter. From the bas relief panels on the interior of the chariot, to the decorative human figures on the yoke, no detail was overlooked.

  • 1980
  • 1/4 scale
  • 31” H x 60” L x 32” W (78.74 cm H x 152.4 cm L x 81.28 cm W)
  • One of a kind
  • Featured prominently in the upcoming book about the artist and his work, the one-of-a-kind sculpture is being publicly offered for sale for the first time.
  • Price available upon request. Serious inquiries only please.

Large Bronze Sculptures