La Vue: French Stag Hunt

1/3 scale depiction of a French stag hunt in two parts. Deep in the forests of France, a lone rider suddenly finds himself face to face with the European red stag the hunt has been tracking all day. His warmblood hunter pivots on its hindquarters as the rider blows his horn to announce “La Vue” meaning that the stag has been sighted. The rich notes reverberate through the trees as the answering horns acknowledge “the view.” An Anglo-Français and a Poitevin hound, bearing the shaved “C” on their ribs to signify which pack they belong with, scramble around the horse’s feet in the excitement. The startled European Red stag crashes through the underbrush, turning his head slightly to look defiantly back at the baying hounds. The chase is on, but he is young and strong and confident that he can lose them again in the dark woods.

This piece was created for the Artists of America Invitational Show in Denver, CO, one of only two times it has been displayed publicly.

  • 1993
  • 1/3 scale
  • The complete two-part piece is offered as a one-of-a-kind work.
  • Horse and rider: 36” H x 55” L x 28” W (91.44 cm H x 139.7 cm L x 71.12 cm W)
  • Stag: 33” H x 44” L x 15” W (83.82 cm H x 111.76 cm L x 38.1 cm W)
  • The stag is also offered as a stand-alone piece, in a numbered edition of 5.
  • Prices available upon request

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