• Legacy-Bogucki Studio Sculpture


An exquisitely refined stallion in a floating trot. His ethereal presence like something from a dream.

“When the original clay sculpture for the commission of AAF Kaset was done, there was some discussion over the ears. The original ears were placed sideways and back in a listening pose, but the client wanted them to be pricked forward. Many years later, we discovered that dad had made molds on the first set of ears as well as the forward-facing ears the finished piece ended up with.

He always intended for his personal copy of the piece to be as he had first imagined it, but it was decades before we got around to casting that version for his gallery collection. In 2019, as we were preparing to take photographs for the book, we wanted to make sure his original vision for the piece was included. The resulting piece was so beautiful that we all wanted to see it in grey as well. So, a new edition, including those lovely ears, came to be, without any names attached.

As a pure expression of the artist’s vision. It is a testament to our father’s legacy.”

  • 1987
  • 23” H x 28” L x 11.5” W (58.42 cm H x 71.12 cm L x 29.21 cm W)
  • Choice of patina color
  • Edition of 10
  • Price $40,000.00

Medium Bronze Sculptures