• Macho-Bogucki Studio Sculpture


After reading the 1952, J. Frank Dobie book titled, The Mustangs, Bogucki was inspired to create this tension-filled scene. The book spoke of the toughness and incredible natural “cow sense” of the American Mustang horses. It also provided historical accounts of the infamous feral “Black Cattle” that ranged across the American Southwest and Northern Mexico.

Born from escaped native Spanish cattle brought to colonial Texas by Spanish settlers in the late 1600’s, the cattle would eventually become a progenitor of the Longhorn breed. Attacks by rogue bulls were numerous and well documented. These highly territorial animals would wait near watering holes and viciously charge any intruders.

This dramatic imagery took shape in the artist’s mind and MACHO! was the result. Derived from the Spanish “Machismo,” meaning “aggressively virile” the three male figures, locked in confrontation, have become the embodiment of the word.

A cowboy and his horse, are caught off-guard and fighting for their lives. The horse, sensing it will be gravely wounded if it falls, struggles to keep it’s footing in the muddy grass as the saddle slips sideways with the girth caught on the bull’s horn. The ambushed cowboy clutches a handful of the horse’s mane as his saddle begins to shift from beneath him. Going so far as to step onto the bull’s powerful neck, he frantically reaches for his gun. A moment frozen forever in time.

  • 1970
  • 22” H x 24” L x 15” W (55.88 cm H x 60.96 cm L x 38.1 cm W)
  • Edition of 10
  • Two remaining copies available in the edition
  • price $45,000.00

Medium Bronze Sculptures