• Ramses Fayek - Left Side-Bogucki Studio Sculpture

Ramses Fayek

A dynamic portrait of the imported Egyptian Arabian stallion *Ramses Fayek, commissioned by Paul and Sandi Loeber, Plum Grove Farm, Palatine, IL. Another example of the artist’s vision and the client’s expectations for a piece not entirely agreeing with each other. When the original clay sculpture of *Ramses Fayek was presented for approval, Paul Loeber didn’t care for the angular, left back leg. Bogucki explained his reasoning for the position, stating that the horse was driving off that leg and beginning to pivot to the left. Even so, Bogucki always worked with his clients, never declaring a piece completed until they were satisfied. In the end, a different leg was sculpted and approved. For his personal copy though, the artist used a mold he had made of the original leg, before the revision, which makes this piece truly one of a kind.

  • 1980
  • 1/4 scale
  • 20” H x 27” L x 7.5” W (50.8 cm H x 68.58 cm L x 19.05 cm W)
  • Edition of 3
  • Artist’s personal copy
  • Marked 0-LLD (left leg different) in bronze
  • Price available upon request

Medium Bronze Sculptures