• Bask Round Medallion-Bogucki Studio Sculpture

Bask ++ Miniature Medallion

This charming little bas relief is a sculptural sketch of the artist’s popular Bask bronze. It was originally created as a gift for his beloved wife, Shirley. She had asked him to make something small and decorative to fit into a tiny round frame that was a part of a collage board that hung in the family dining room. Built by the artist from charred wood planks reclaimed from the house fire in 1964, the board always contained a tiny rotating collection curated by Shirley over their lifetime. Small paintings, miniature dry point etchings, personal trinkets, and, eventually, this medallion.

  • 2004
  • 2.63″ or 2 5/8″ round (6.35 cm round)
  • Edition 100
  • Easily displayed in a number of ways; table top, easel, or mounted and hung on the wall.
  • Price $75.00