Willie B Gorilla Small-Bogucki Studio Sculpture

Willie B. (small version)

Smaller rendition of the larger portrait of lowland silverback Gorilla, Willie B. This piece is an original sculpture and not a reduced digital scan. Because of this, it is similar, but not identical, to the larger version.

Tripod-Bogucki Studio Sculpture


Sooner or later, even the hardest to reach places start to itch. This filly discovers that, with some careful balancing, anything is possible.

Spring Itch-Bogucki Studio Sculpture

Spring Itch

Every spring, Thoroughbred foals are turned out to pasture where they can interact with each other and learn crucial social skills, as their watchful dams graze nearby.

Rikki - Left Side-Bogucki Studio Sculpture


A portrait of the artist’s German Shepherd, V Rikki vom Steffen Haus SCHH3. Rikki came to live with the artist and his wife as an older dog.

Northern Dancer No Rider-Bogucki Studio Sculpture

Northern Dancer

Portrait of the influential Thoroughbred stallion, Northern Dancer as a three-year-old.

Egyptian Stallion Trophy-Bogucki Studio Sculpture

Egyptian Stallion

A small version of the original 1/4 scale piece commissioned by the Pyramid Society as a depiction of the ideal Egyptian Arabian. The artist used his own Arabian Stallion as the model for the original larger work as well as this smaller one.

Dragon Bowl Dragons-Bogucki Studio Sculpture

Bronze Bowl: The Tail of Two Dragons

An intriguing piece based on a creative short tale Ed Bogucki wrote about two dragons’ misadventures in the sacred forest.

Bask Round Medallion-Bogucki Studio Sculpture

Bask ++ Miniature Medallion

This charming little bas relief is a sculptural sketch of the artist’s popular Bask bronze. It was originally created as a gift for his beloved wife, Shirley.

Small Bask-Bogucki Studio Sculpture


The final piece that Ed Bogucki worked on. An offering of gratitude to his many admirers, Bogucki wanted to create a smaller, more accessible, version of one of his most iconic works.

Back Scratcher-Bogucki Studio Sculpture


Two foals enjoying a carefree day in a warm summer pasture. “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” Created for the Artists of America invitational show in Denver, CO.